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Hugging pillow, Fear or Love?

Last night, I was googling out to understand my hugging pillow psychology and found a similar story from


I was seeing a guy, and for the first couple of nights we used to cuddle before falling asleep, but after that he just turns to his side of the bed and hugs a pillow like I don’t even exist. When I asked him about it he says it’s a force of habit. Can somebody tell me if there is something wrong with him, me or the relationship?

thank you – Elena

I was astonished by many silly replies given by people over the thread.

Reading the thread made me to jot down my verse of the situation and why would one resist from hugging someone or rather hug pillows?

Googling more on the Hugging Pillow psychology – it says that someone usually does when they miss someone or a way to let their emotions let go and feel better and feel belonged.

But I feel from my personal experience there is another verse to the above analogy.

During your childhood, Do you remember your reaction when your parents didn’t kept their promises or when someone hurt you or broke your heart some other way.

Most children usually respond to the above situation by either pushing their parents away and taking themselves close enough to their loveable such as toys or pillows and cry for a while. Most of the cases, child end up sleeping as part of the last sequence.

We generally observe as the child grow, the child stop showing such responses very frequently. And their response depends on how severely the child was hurt.

For the situation of elena’s friend, from my experience, I generally behave this way when I am deeply hurt. I realised that above response help my emotions to find space and be calm.

Even one year after I lost my loved ones at the age of 25, I behaved in the same way as the elena’s friend did.

Yes, many complained the same and even my family says sometimes you are not adorable as used to be.

Actually, many a times, fear of touch and fear of people makes me conscious taking me back to some past scars.

While, hugging pillow and taking myself close enough make me release few emotions and feel better.

But these responses at a times makes us stronger and help the person to believe in self.

PS – Article needs better structuring, will do it 🙂

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